As the semester comes to a conclusion , I felt that this class was about how media has been used in society to spread messages along with filter them to the general public. I thought this highly applicable to my everyday life. We saw how written word has provided a liberating outlet for both individuals and  groups in past history with the development of media such as the newspapers and television . In addition , the highlighting of the rise of a visual vernacular of images that imitate the ways that ordinary people see was a super interesting assignment as I found it really cool to tell two different stories with the same set of pictures. It was an eye-opening experience as it allowed me to see that the media can truly shape anything how they want it to be. Furthermore,  another s lecture that  struck a chord with me was the about the invention of the Camera. I felt this was important as its advancement at the time allowed for realistic depiction of real-life scenarios unlike ever before. Social structures and interactions could now be documented for the rest of the world to observe and digest. Similarly , we have seen this with social media in today’s landscape on applications such as snap chat , twitter , Facebook and Instagram . I definitely will take a lot of lessons learned from this class and apply them to my future encounters and analysis . This class offered me a new perspective on media that I had not held prior and I am very grateful for this.




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