Alyssa Bacchioni- Post 7

I did not know what to expect coming into the class. I have never taken a Media class before and was happily surprised at what I’ve learned. I was able to relate a lot to this class because we used examples from today and talked about things that I experience everyday. Some examples of this would be our discussion about advertisements and their affect on the subconscious. Also how these advertisements contribute to the urge to consume and keep getting the new. I’ve realized how easily effected I am and how I fall into the consumer traps out there today. Now that I am more aware of it I am trying to reflect on myself and maybe make some changes to the way I see products and how I consume. Also, Professor Ewen’s last lecture was very inspiring and moving. It made me realize my role in todays world and that I am not “powerless”. We can all make changes to society and continue to improve. I can now say that I see the world differently and am grateful I got the chance to take this class.


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