Class Reflection-Blog Post 7

This class provided a lot more for me than I thought it was going to at the start. I learned of the incredible influence media has on it’s consumers from the beginning of mass media itself. These influences sometimes good, sometimes bad are regardless not thoughts of our own. Though I will continue to be a consumer, as I must in our consumer based society, I will be a smarter consumer and know what it is that I want and what it is that media wants me to want. With our campaigns I learned better skills working within a group context as well as the fact that one small group can promote change so long as they follow through with their goals. This knowledge I will carry over into the workplace, school, anywhere that I wish to have an effect I know I can do so. This class is much more than a media class, it is a life class. Seeing as media consumes our entire lives this class will assist in the nearly every aspect.


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