Marlee Jeudy: Reflection.7

Since the beginning of the semester, I wondered why we were assigned so many readings of random people and random events that have occurred. I’ve realized that every bit of history plays a role in the evolution of media. We had the opportunity to learn about the journey of those who created the ability to type, send messages and learn how to read. I always thought that professor Ewen ended every lecture with us trying to figure out why a topic was taught in a media class. Because of that it has caused me to start thinking outside the box. Ive become more aware of my surroundings and more focused on my readings because I am afraid of missing a hidden message. Ive notice many ads on the trains and the internet that would leave the average person brain washed to buy their products. I’ve also thought of different ideas on how a certain trend came about before everyone began to follow them. With the advancement in society today, everyone has the opportunity to leave a mark as the evolution of media continues to evolve. But one thing I’ve learned to do is to have my phone ready to take a picture of any interesting thing I see for future purposes.


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