Meghan Ng- Final Blog 7

As we count down the days till the final exam; thinking back, I am so pleased to have been a part of Media 180. This class gave me a raw and real insight on how society started to communicate through the use of media dating back from the 13th century to present day. So much has changed, and Professor Ewen and Makia were able to incorporate that into the curriculum despite only meeting for such a short period of time every week.

From the rise of print technology, to the power of images and aesthetic hierarchy, to photography, self improvement, visual rhetoric, advertising geared towards consumerism, the reflection of the self, the century of the selfie, public relations, etc…the list was almost never ending. The lectures on photography and the century of the selfie were my favorite, and I was able to get a better understanding of why us 21st century millennials are so obsessed with ourselves, and it has come to a point where it is becoming a problem. Photography is such a powerful media device that can used however which way we please, and Professor Ewen a lot of gave great examples. I was also able to connect my every day life to advertisements and consumerism, and see how easily we are affected as a society.

Professor Ewen made it evident that there is no way to hide/avoid media, because it is everywhere especially since Hunter College is in the heart of Manhattan. His book “All Consuming Images” was also a good read and covered a lot of ground on the whole idea of style, media, etc. He concluded the last lecture by saying that if we want to make a difference in this world, don’t just say it…do it! People are so lazy nowadays, and aren’t motivated. There has to be a call of action; if you don’t stand up for something you are passionate about, then you will always feel powerless.

The message I got out of this class is to be the change you want to see in the world… I am grateful that I was given a chance to interact and work with a lot of bright and intelligent people who want to make a difference in the world as well. Thank you!


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