I have always gravitated towards anything media related, it is most likely because it is so heavily prevalent in this generation. As I have learned over the the span of the semester we are frequently inundated with media in a multitude of mediums, that being said it is our job, as the general public to distinguish truth from facade, and educate ourselves to obtain a justified interpretation. The allegory of the cave puts emphasis on how the people viewing the shadows may never have seen the light or truth, outside of their darkness if they had not been curious in seeking the truth’s form.

     Numerous things resonated with me from this course, to the point where I feel like I can look at the advertisements, plastered all over New York City and in our homes, be wary of the manipulation of Photoshop, lighting, lack of life in a photo and the content versus commodity. I found it ironic that I took this course in hopes of gaining insight of effective marketing strategies since I was planning to pursue marketing. In turn I learned the notions of the opposition’s case, the negative repercussions that may arise from solely the business aspect of it. If I do end up still pursuing that field I hope to work for a company who holds values of truth, authenticity in their marketing tactics in conjunction with profit, success. If one does not exist maybe I will start my own company predicated on truth seeking.


1D08 10:10


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