Reflection – Mary Louise Mora

Taking this introductory course for media studies, I learned a lot about the malleability of the general public—the degree of how easy it is to change, repress, and ignore history as well as how to use this to persuade the general population. Through advertising, imagery, and propaganda catering to groups of people, mass manipulation is made possible. This process can be meticulous or accidental, as people are seemingly bound to believe anything if given the right push, inclination or association.

This realization has made me more conscious of advertising directed towards me. It has also made me more conscious of where my information was coming from. (How reliable are my sources?) I’m definitely more thoughtful about the information I am given and consider its motives and origins, before I make my opinion or consider it truth. Overall, I’d say this course has made me a more conscious and aware person, I am better able to confront arguments more logically and see situations from grander perspectives. Because I’ve learned so much about how people are motivated and how they are propelled to think, I believe I am ready to create the change I want to see within the world.

Mary Louise Mora

Section 07


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