Reflections at the End of the Line – Gus Rosario


This is not the first class that I have taken where a professor tried to change the class’ way of thinking. A class which attempted to transcend above the knowledge found in textbooks to make sure that we all can “truly see.” You know the ones, those hokey classes where the professor tells everyone that they can make a difference in the world, like something out of Dead Poets Society or something. But, it is the first time where I believed the message. Prof. Ewen’s ending speech and the ovation he received are a testament to that. The course could have gone the traditional art and we could have spent the semester regurgitating information from a textbook, instead we shown the importance of media and how it helped shape our society. We learned how the church used literacy to control the masses, how advertising was used to get people to buy, and how we are still being manipulated by the corporations around us every day. Edward Bernay’s and his manipulation of the masses through advertising was horrifying to me. It made me realize how unethical it all seemed to try to control people in an attempt to get them to buy things. Bernays is partly responsible for this society we live in where everyone is always encouraged to buy the newest phones and the sleekest of fashions. Ewen’s final words, I imagine, will follow me, a challenge to encourage me to help make this a better world, not just for me but for all of its inhabitants.


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