My Reflection – ND

laptop-color-designMy email was not working good and I figured out that we had final posting just right now. Not sure if this will be counted but still I would be glad to share my experiences I got to gather from this class.

I had already taken basic media courses in my previous college so I had preliminary idea of the terms and topics we were about to study for this class. With that said, few of the lessons were still new and I thoroughly enjoyed them. I personally love designing. All sort of elegant digital designs. There are endless possibilities of designs. You can express yourself – your happiness, excitement, sorrow, all of the feelings via the designs you make. The reason I brought that up is because this is the only reason I chose this course. I want to do Game Designing and for that I needed to complete this course. As I thought, it was worth it. Most of the stories were inspiring and Miss. Harper was always very cheerful. The struggle of Douglas was one of the best one. Some of his quote still gives me goosebumps and makes me finish my job. I wish the class was a bit lengthier because we only met for once in a week and there were a lot to be covered. Hats off to Miss. Harper’s effort on completing the course on such a tight time schedule.

Overall, this class has further made me realize that the boat I am taking to my destined island is the right one. Moreover, I can already see it in the horizon.


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