Reflection – sophia

Media 180 was a very interesting and inspiring class and it all started with style and self-expression. From there on we discussed other topics like the power of advertisement and suggestion and its relationship to our consumer culture. This consumer culture is very powerful and it becomes even more powerful because it has its ways to manipulate the public into thinking that we need something that is unnecessary without us knowing about it. Even though we know that we live in a consumer culture, we often do not know how much we are affected by it. I also learned a lot about the power of knowledge and how hurting it is to be not allowed to access it. Knowledge and Information in the wrong hands allows them to control other people’s thoughts and behaviors. It is there to keep the status quo and oppression alive.
Media 180 additionally inspired me to seek answers and question the status quo. It inspired me to look a little closer at everyday advertising and question what it wants from me and what it implies. This class also educated me about the media’s relationship to government control and how sometimes, possibly more often than I would think, the media covers up certain terrible truths that are committed by the government or by wealthy people and companies in power. It furthermore (and I am so thankful for that) inspired me to fight stronger for change. Prof. Ewen’s last lecture was amazing! He reminded us that we should make the world a better place. Life is so short and the only way social change can happen is when it starts from the bottom – up. He told us that when we stop thinking that we are powerless, we can actually make things better and challenge and change the status quo. This class helped me to become a better person in a way. It created this window through which I can see the world a little clearer. It truly educated me a lot and gave me the strength to continue to fight for marginalized groups and a better world. It helped me to critically observe the world around me and make good use of the knowledge that I have gained. I am very glad that I chose this class!


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