Artist Statement

My mother tells me she found out that babies could hear at 16 weeks of gestation. When that time arrived for her, she began to put earphones on her belly so that I could listen to pop music. I come from a family of musicians, authors, and sound engineers. If the creative gene was not inherited, my mother did a good job of ensuring that I would acquire it. My entire life, I’ve felt creative energy burst out of me in spurts but there’s never been any real direction or strategy to accompany it. When I first discovered my need to create something tangible, I put my energy into composing songs. Yet, I didn’t have the showmanship to perform them, at least not confidently enough for it to lead to a profession. I took a stab at writing but I didn’t have the patience to see a story completely through. That being said, I knew I wanted to tell stories in some capacity. I knew I wanted my creative work to make people think and feel in totally new and unique ways. And so, now I realize, music permeates my soul but it is not enough. I feel the need to tell stories with the use of both sound and images. Whether it be a music video, a short, or a scene, I know I need to mesh these two entities together to create works which will lead to reaching my artistic fulfillment.


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