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Media affects on childhood- Joscelyn S., Crystal H. 10:10

) Kids are growing up too fastSexual activities are very prominent in media. Is there no such thing as decency or preserving innocence anymore? Examples of T.V. shows, Toddlers & Tiaras or Teen Mom. Also, you see child or teen stars with tons of makeup and wardrobe, pushed to look older. This is not right. What happened to childhood? Media and the use of it has opened up things to people especially children that they should not be exposed to. It is important to establish the effects that come from media.


Perception and Judgement: Paige M., Camila N., Betania R., Pravita R., Kayla U., 10:10

Our group would like to raise awareness about the mistreatment of others due to preconceived notions based on appearance. Despite living in a diverse cultural hub, people still look down on others for their differences and we would like to remind our peers to be more mindful of their thoughts concerning others and to stop judging people before actually getting to know them. It’s difficult to break the barrier between internalized stereotypes and how we view others, but actively thinking about not judging someone based on how we perceive their appearance is a strong step forward. Being clouded by stereotypes results in the unfair treatment of others and keeps us from having new experiences with great individuals, but sometimes people don’t even realize their thoughts are being guided by stereotypes. We would like to perform experiments where we have someone dress different ways and have them walk around, and see how they are perceived by others in order to observe the ideas society has constructed about certain appearances. Seeing prejudice at work is a strong reminder to look past the image people display.

Climate Change- Alyssa Bacchioni 11:10

The issue I would like to raise awareness to is climate change. I feel as if it is a pressing issue that will affect our generation and the generations to come. While a lot of people are aware that it is an issue, not many people do much to proactively learn more or help. By creating a campaign, I can share ways that people can get engaged from minor roles to large ones. I feel as if it is a topic that deserves attention and is our generations responsibility to do so. There are serious consequences to climate change so by sharing those I will hopefully be able to engage others to take an active stand.

In need of group members

Crystal Huang 1D08 10:10

Hi, in need of group members . . . please comment. I’m also willing to switch / compromise topics if necessary.

Tentative Topics:

1) MTA’s Subway Etiquette Ads

I’m a commuter, so subway etiquette is important to me. It is one of the things that gets my blood boiling and I have to rant to somebody about it at least once a day. One person’s actions can affect everyone’s mood for the rest of the day. For this project, I think it would be fun to create humorous ads to promote awareness of the rules of subway etiquette, just as some of the ads we see in the subways today.

2) Kids are growing up too fast

Sexual activities are very prominent in media. Is there no such thing as decency or preserving innocence anymore? Examples of T.V. shows, Toddlers & Tiaras or Teen Mom. Also, you see child or teen stars with tons of makeup and wardrobe, pushed to look older. This is not right. What happened to childhood?

3) Materialism

Media advertises materialism. This promotes bad habits in our youth. Consequences are debt. Concepts of earning and saving need to be brought up to balance materialistic ads.

Defining Masculinity, Tony T., Chris L., Nick G. and Gustavo R. 11:10

For our project, we came up with an interesting idea since most of us took gender studies classes. We know how a big issue is how society is defining masculinity as tough, non emotional except for anger, “be a man”=be violent and you can’t cry or be sad, etc. We feel like we have an obvious target audience of men and we could interview them about what they think being masculine means. Maybe even show them two pictures one from today’s society and another of a different perspective on masculinity to see which they think is more “manly”. This is an issue since lots of young men may be taught to act this way which leads to more abusive relationships and harsh gender stereotypes.

Student Connection: Meghan N., Jaime R., Arjeta K., Rina G., 10:10

Our group campaign would like to spread awareness about the lack of care and support that is shown throughout student life on the Hunter College campus. Because it is a commuting school we often times fail to care for those in need and gear ourselves more towards schoolwork instead. Interaction between students is vital, and sometimes we are given surveys to fill out from the Counseling and Wellness Services to see if we know how to approach others that are having any difficulties. People respond in that they will help others in need. But, when we are confronted with a situation, there is no significant or impactful reaction upon the problem. That is why we see Hunter as a divided CUNY; turning away or not acknowledging the ones that need help the most. Some are just extremely shy, and aren’t able to express or interact with those on campus. Student Connection serves not only as a voice, but as an active group that will provide ways to help people to feel more comfortable when conversing with other Hunter students. Everyone has a story or a conflict in their life…we might have even felt like we were all alone at times. Knowing that we are here for each other and are willing to help out, our goal is to let everyone know that there are some people out there who still care!

Bone Marrow Donation: Libby U., Simona B., Sydney L., and Mary Louise M. 11:10

The issue that our group decided to explore is bone marrow donation. The reason why we picked this specific topic is because there are so many people who have misconceptions about how it affects those with various blood cancers and blood diseases. Our mission with this campaign is to get the word out about how it is done and encourage people to save another’s life by donating bone marrow. We also intend to speak about the different advancements and research that are being done in the field. We hope to accomplish this by creating a video campaign- posting it to Hunter’s Facebook page- as well as distributing flyers to inform Hunter students.

Emotional Abuse: Ashley W., Nicole D.,Shannon O., Kim T., 11:10

Our group would like to campaign to spread awareness about the topic of emotional abuse. We feel as though it is a topic that does not get addressed as much as it should. Signs of emotional abuse are harder to realize compared to physical abuse which causes it to go unnoticed and untreated. We also feel as though people do not understand the extent to which verbal abuse effects people. We would like to bring awareness to this topic so that people can understand when they are being emotionally abused and take a stand against it. One of the ideas that we came up with is to make some sort of commercial showing the signs of verbal abuse and encouraging people to recognize them. We also came up with the idea to conduct a social experiment to see if people step in when someone is being verbally abused in public.

Idea Bank Project 3

In a paragraph or less describe the issue (s)/ topic  that you are interested in exploring for your campaign and why.
In the heading of your post include the tentative theme of your group, group members first name and last initial and time we meet, for instance the subject should read:
Tuition Hikes, Mary J., Joe B…, 10:10.
This is due by  Saturday April 16, 2016 at 2:00pm. Late posts won’t be accepted.