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Smoking Awareness Campaign Update


Native American Peace Pipe Ritual

Currently, our group members are doing research to find out specific data on the effects of smoking and the frequency of smoking on college campuses nationwide and in NY.

Our campaign aims to raise awareness on the effects of smoking on health, as well as to figure out what most triggers students to smoke. We would also like to ask Hunter students how they feel about the CUNY policy of non smoking. Is this an effective way to reduce smoking on campus, or is this a policy that effects the student’s rights? Additionally, we would like to speak of how tobacco has been used in the the past, and alternatives to cigarette smoking. For example, tobacco has been used in ceremonies historically. Pure tobacco and cigarettes differ in health and the amount of carcinogens in them.

Our group aims to meet after class tomorrow in order to film the responses to several questions asked to both smokers and nonsmokers on campus. Following our interviews, we will edit the footage and post it on several Hunter College Facebook pages.

10:10 class: Arjeta, Jamie, Meghan & Rina


Defining Masculinity

So far in our group, we have created a survey to pass out to people. We created questions like “What do you think causes aggression in men?” that are open ended to see what people think about masculinity. We also have age and ethnicity questions to see if those factor in to how people perceive masculinity. Our group has also been working on gathering data to inform survey takers about masculinity to get them thinking on the subject even after the survey is over. When we come back this week we will distribute a few more surveys and then move on to analyzing the data.



We have started analytical works on the project. From the research from the articles we have, we have determined whether it was because there was a lack of Asians in the acting industry or they are not well enough for mainstream media. For the social media page, we encourage friends and anyone to check it out , so they can read the articles we have found. 

Bone Marrow Donation 11:10

Our main objectives are: to raise awareness about what exactly bone marrow donations are, educate the public about how they can donate, and help them understand who they are helping by donating. So far, we have surveyed 30 random people at Hunter College and asked them three questions: (1) Do you know why bone marrow donations are performed? (2) Do you know who bone marrow donations help? and (3) Do you know how to get involved with bone marrow donation?

We have found some shocking data and statistics in terms of how little the random population of students knew about bone marrow donation. Our next course of action is to hold a Bone Marrow Donation Information Booth this upcoming week to educate students, encourage them to donate, as well as acquire some spectacular footage of the booth for our video that we are going to piece together.

-Libby U., Alyssa B., Simona B., Mary Louise M., Sydney L., Marlee J.


Based on our focus: bringing attention to why people are prejudged by their gender we already started an analytical work process. We set up questions for our survey acknowledging what kind of activities circulate the lifestyle of Hunter College students. We also set up and organized the information and categorizing based on the information provided with graphs. Questions for the video interviews have also been thought of (i.e: are most of your friends same sex as you? Have you ever noticed this? Why do you think this is? Do you feel more comfortable with your own sex and why? How has your comfort level with the opposite sex changed as you’ve gotten older?) and will be in use for this Monday; interviewing people within our class and also our friends. Campus observations will be done throughout the making of this project giving us a bigger picture.

“Quantity over Quality”: Source of Low Self Esteem

“Quantity over Quality” : Source of Low Self Esteem

Group Members: Nischal, Joscelyn, Gyasi, Reed, Crystal

We’ve changed our topic from Social Media Affects on Children/ Teens to Negative Effects on Self Esteem.

The link between Social Media and Self Esteem is a complex paradox. Despite presenting the mentality, “it’s a small world after all”, social media is a black hole in disguise! As one gains access and begins to use these mediums, one may think that those virtual connections are benefiting him or her in raising their self esteem. But in fact, the consumption of media turns into addiction. The addiction of getting “likes” and the addiction of attention is detrimental to self esteem.

Our goal of the campaign is to see if correlation causes causation in this situation. We’ve created a survey, asking questions such as, how many hours does a person spend browsing and checking social media, how many social media accounts do they have, and most importantly, how people feel about getting more/less likes. We wanted to see if the amount of time spent and the amount of accounts have anything to do with the level of self esteem. Don’t you sometimes wonder what’s the point of having several accounts to share the exact same selfie or activity? In the next two days, we will be surveying 30 people and putting some of those responses in a video. The remainder of the remainder of the week will be used for the analyzing of the results, editing of the video, organizing materials, and counting down for presentation.

Ultimately, as we’ve learned in lecture, social media is driven by our emotions, desires, and feelings. Our message to our audience is that that addiction is the exact factor that damages our self esteem.

Class 10:10 / 1D08

Campaign Updates

At this point you should be getting closer to the execution of your of campaign and beginning to finalize the strategy for doing so. In a paragraph or less briefly provide an update of your campaign. Only one group member need to the post the update and this is due by Sunday May 8, 2016 at 12:00pm.