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Artist Statement

My mother tells me she found out that babies could hear at 16 weeks of gestation. When that time arrived for her, she began to put earphones on her belly so that I could listen to pop music. I come from a family of musicians, authors, and sound engineers. If the creative gene was not inherited, my mother did a good job of ensuring that I would acquire it. My entire life, I’ve felt creative energy burst out of me in spurts but there’s never been any real direction or strategy to accompany it. When I first discovered my need to create something tangible, I put my energy into composing songs. Yet, I didn’t have the showmanship to perform them, at least not confidently enough for it to lead to a profession. I took a stab at writing but I didn’t have the patience to see a story completely through. That being said, I knew I wanted to tell stories in some capacity. I knew I wanted my creative work to make people think and feel in totally new and unique ways. And so, now I realize, music permeates my soul but it is not enough. I feel the need to tell stories with the use of both sound and images. Whether it be a music video, a short, or a scene, I know I need to mesh these two entities together to create works which will lead to reaching my artistic fulfillment.


Reflections at the End of the Line – Gus Rosario


This is not the first class that I have taken where a professor tried to change the class’ way of thinking. A class which attempted to transcend above the knowledge found in textbooks to make sure that we all can “truly see.” You know the ones, those hokey classes where the professor tells everyone that they can make a difference in the world, like something out of Dead Poets Society or something. But, it is the first time where I believed the message. Prof. Ewen’s ending speech and the ovation he received are a testament to that. The course could have gone the traditional art and we could have spent the semester regurgitating information from a textbook, instead we shown the importance of media and how it helped shape our society. We learned how the church used literacy to control the masses, how advertising was used to get people to buy, and how we are still being manipulated by the corporations around us every day. Edward Bernay’s and his manipulation of the masses through advertising was horrifying to me. It made me realize how unethical it all seemed to try to control people in an attempt to get them to buy things. Bernays is partly responsible for this society we live in where everyone is always encouraged to buy the newest phones and the sleekest of fashions. Ewen’s final words, I imagine, will follow me, a challenge to encourage me to help make this a better world, not just for me but for all of its inhabitants.

Defining Masculinity

Our group has finished crafting a survey. The survey includes questions like “Who is your ideal male figure (fictional or non-fictional),” and other questions we believe should let us see how other people define masculinity. We are in the process of handing out these surveys out at different locations to get diverse responses. We want to see if different locations, age groups, etc affect a person’s definition of masculinity. We will use this data to determine whether or not modern society is still restricted by old notions of “being a man.”

Mental Health Outreach – Hugo U.

Mental health is a very important aspect of a person’s overall health, yet it seem that it is constantly overlooked.

Given that my understanding of the importance of mental health has come from select college classes as well as personal research, I feel that this is still a taboo topic that need to  be made more popular.

It is only through discourse that we can change society’s perception on a subject, and hopefully begin/continue to prevent poor mental health and its serious repercussions.

Mental Health: Gus R., Tue 11:10

My group is potentially interested in looking into the problem of mental health. Mental health is basically scoffed at in the public sphere. We tell people to “suck it up” or “just be happier” as if changing your mood is that simple. We receive much more attention for physical injuries but when it comes to mental problems we are often left to fend for ourselves. The percentage of those affected by depression in America is rising  and yet we continue to ignore it. The suicide rate is on the rise and yet we continue to joke that psychiatrists aren’t “real” doctors. This needs to stop and my group would like to show just how big the problem of mental health is in America.



What resonated with me was the story of Frankie Mae. Frankie Mae was so eager to be a person in the world she started to act as those who were her masters. She started to keep records of her expens…


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Camila Hernandez:Ignorance is Bliss

What has resonated with me during my brief time in Intro to Media are the works we’ve been reading which beg the question-Is ignorance really bliss? Or more importantly-is bliss more important than knowledge and understanding of the world? In my personal life, I’ve found myself shying away from news and information that alter my mood. But ultimately, this decision takes away from me experiencing important human emotion and empathy. Fahrenheit 911 did an excellent job of narrating the damage intentional ignorance can do to the individual and to society. Also, the case for reparations opened my eyes to why we need more authentic journalism and historical reports. I believe that if we are exposed to more truth, people will be more understanding and tolerant which will lead to a more peaceful state.

“We the People”-Betania Ramirez

One of the subjects that caught my attention was Jean Wheeler Smith’s “Frankie Mae”, Fredrick Douglass “Learning to Read and Write and Bill Moyers “Is the Fourth Estate a Fifth Column? Frankie Mae and Learning to Read and Write explain from their own perspectives about one of the most impacting events in American History – slavery. It was one of the most crucial time period for African Americans when they weren’t granted  freedom because of the color of their skin. Bill Moyers “Is the Fourth Estate a Fifth Column” speaks on a similar subject. We are trapped in this cage of information where we don’t even know if what we see on television or read in newspapers is real. Even in lecture we discussed how complicated it is for people to know the truth. People are so stuck to the money that they prefer the program that contains more ratings than the one that brings out truth.


Blog Post3

A theme that has resonated with me so far throughout the course has been how important self-education is . We see censorship, manipulation and control of the media has occurred in the past for many different people. Wether the oppression of the tobacco rollers in the factories or african-americans thru slavery,  literacy has been used as a harmful tool to control and restrict groups.  These people were not as fortunate as we are today . They had to fight for their right to education and bathroom. Slaves were not even taught to read . It was not until Frederick Douglas changed this precedent. Furthermore, the course has made me appreciate the opportunities that we have in today’s society. Our ancestors did not receive the same privileges and resources that we now have access too. This has made me even more appreciative and thankful for the rights they fought to earn for us . In addition, self-education has been highlighted to me from the course.  Learning is never-ending and you must always be a free thinker. We cannot always believe what we are told .  Each person has their own opinion and perspective and this is what makes us unique . To control literacy is to keep them dependent on you . The media controls what they do and do not want us to see. Everything has been chosen carefully. Nothing is random


When you read the lyrics of this song without the video and beat , you realize K’NAAN is rapping to tell a story more than make music. He is talking about his own tribulations and experiences of life as well as that of others who have served the same fight he is portraying.
K’NAAN says
“How did Mandela get the will to surpass the everyday
When injustice had him caged and trapped in every way
How did Gandhi ever withstand the hunger strikes and all
Didn’t do it to gain power or money if I recall “
He is saying that these people fought for the good and rights of their people for no personal gain but in a pursuit to create a better world. They are role models and to be honored for their selflessness that was wise beyond their years. Furthermore, the rapper is questioning how they did it , inferring that nowadays , it is so unusual for people to stand up for their rights.
K’NANN also raps
“All I can say is the worst is over now
We can serve the hard times, divorce is over now
They try to keep us out, but they doors is open now”
Here he is recalling the divorce that was apartheid in America. It is in the past as he says , “the worst is over now” . He says “they doors is open now ” referring to the newfound equality for all people in this country.
It is fair to conclude that K’NANN is not only a rapper but in fact a historian sharing the facts of the past to educate the youth so they will not let the same oppression occur again